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Airson Telecom present its state of the art telephone based utility

We help to grow your business, we provide you with solutions which will help your prospective customers to contact you with ease. Just give your 20 minutes for learning about customized solution of OCC to create your brand into a HOT BRAND.

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(Our Call Center). Its an innovative, Creative, Smart And Systematic way to amplify the brandingof your organization. Multiply your market visibility and profitablity over 100 times. If you really have the burning fire to be the best in your business sectors, then we give you opportunity. Grab it before your competitor takes it. Avail our call centre services and save on your advertising costs right away !!

Airson Telecom Voice Response (IVR) platform enables your businesses to deliver superior customer service. Our IVR solution fully integrated with Multiple IVR menu, smart Queue & call transfer with ACD. Our IVR is a highly scalable solution that requires no hardware and 24/7 support.

Now a day’s revolution of mobile, it’s tremendously essential to keep in touch with technology at all times. Airson telecom offers Bulk SMS for conveying information within groups to several members, just within seconds. We offers Bulk SMS, Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS services.

Airson has created telephony application development toolkits and call center plateforms that enable customer/partners to develop integrate, automated and intelligent systems that enhance business performance by developing an efficiant mechanism for handling large customer traffic across multiple commmunication media. Airson has extensive experience in mapping business processors to technology systems across diverse industries. MobileDialer is the owner of Airson Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Mobiledialer android based interface for manual campaigns “progressive dialer”. Our application improving sales performance and customer service with the reporting & recording features. For more info visit

In a professional manner greet your visitor with our check in check out service. Commonly visitors always registered using a handwritten register log. Basically this method is as quick and easy to maintain records of visitors but without security of visitor’s information that can easily seen by anyone else. Our fully automated visitor management systems offer professional appearance with the collection and auditing of visitor data.Our Automated system will greet visitor’s with welcome message while check in and after check out visitor’s also greet by thanks message. System will also register visitor’s DOB for sending the greeting warm wishes on particular event date.

Airson Telecom offering mobile application development services for Android & iOS platform. Our team of mobile app developers is innovative, creative and knowledgeable to accomplish your individual demands based on your business needs. Our highly professional developers working with advanced tools and technology that able to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises.

We offer ERP for all kind of business domain. Our ERP professionals understand the basic requirements of the client based of their business nature then assisting with ERP Strategy, Package Selection. We offer cloud based and premised based ERP solutions. We ensure with quality of services and timely delivery with 24X7 support.

Airson telecom professionals who are empowered with latest technology software and tools. We offer customized applications based on your business need. Our Software development professionals develops in a systematic way and they are able to deliver their targets within time. We provide desktop and web application software development services, these applications are a built on the PHP platform and can be integrated with other software.

Looking for a corporate website, web application development? Web development team of Airson Telecom offers highly professional web design and development. Airson Telecom offers static & dynamic web applications and e-commerce solutions development for your business based on need. Airson Telecom professionally educated designers, experienced and skilled programmers; highly knowledgeable professional managers are always here to serve you.

We offers SMS Long code service that primarily used for the feedbacks from the customers and prospects. Now a days every company wants to avail this kind of service which is keyword (it is a kind of unique identifier for your company on the shared Long code). Companies can recognize the incoming messages basis of the keywords.

Enable your web visitors to just click and connect with you instantly over telephone. Amaze your Web visitors by setting up a Phone Call with you automatically as soon as they submit an Enquiry From through your Website!!

OCC can be deployed in education field to automate the functioning and for better and efficient results. OCC can be deployed by Education Industry deploy application to answer perfectly all the incoming queries and to make sure that no queries regarding details of learning courses go unnoticed. Within this application, information and services can be easily achieved through a touch-tone telephone. OCC answers a good percentage of questions by way of an automated system and pre-recorded voice messages. Data is entered and stored to the database by using the telephone touch-tone keypad. OCC is becoming the imperative need for education line to maintain the proper administration. Notices, announcement, enquiries and other activities can easily be handled by using in this system in the campus. To enhance smooth workflow in this system provides the real time data tracking for: IMPROVE DAILY ATTENDANCE, BUS Got Delay, Raise Exams/Test Scores, Parent Teachers Meeting schedules on phone etc… All of the certain information available on the relevant school IVR number and on the android application.

Our Cloud Predictive Dialer based on cloud infrastructure technology. Doesn’t matter whatever the size of your office premises and no need to pay more for expensive server infrastructure. Its not only Predictive dialer agent can do inbound blended calling also. Agent can login from anywhere and can access the campaign using web based technology. Cloud based Predictive Dialer enables ability for agent work from home. Admin have the monitoring window with the multiple reports for the day to day operations and can be pull out between date period.

We offer Predictive Dialer on your office premise. In that case you need to procure the network & server expenses. Its not only Predictive dialer agent can do inbound blended calling also. Agent can login from office premise and access their campaign and scripts for calling. Admin have the monitoring window with the multiple reports for the day to day operations and can be pull out between date period.